Commercial building management is an uphill task demanding tireless hours of manpower and resources. However, the commercial building solutions offered by myCiti app will change it all. With an array of exciting features and technology-enabled functionalities, myCiti app is the perfect answer to all your commercial building management needs.

Whether it’s a commercial office space, shopping complex, textile market, or a commercial building; myCiti offers a one-stop solution for all your needs. Our team of researches and expert developers have designed this app considering all the concerns and challenges related to commercial building management. We have addressed almost every area to streamline and simplify commercial building management.

Commercial Features


myCiti brings you a digital notice board so every notification related to the commercial building concerning building management, suppliers, and vendors is delivered to every member of the complex. Digital Notice Boards offers a simplified solution to ensure that nobody is left out of the loop and everyone is aware of every minor and major event within the building.


Dealing in cash is a thing of the past. It’s the era of Digital Payment. myCiti opens a new gateway of multiple payment modes for seamless and instant pay. Fraud prevention and timely payments are some of the best benefits of the Digital Payment feature of myCiti app. Collecting maintenance payments digitally also saves the management a lot of time.


myCiti app is equipped with a Panic Button which is designed to ensure the safety and well-being of every member of the commercial building. Once activated, the Panic Button feature will notify the security staff, the management, and every member of the building of the threat concerning the premises. Whether it’s an accident, theft, intrusion, or any altercation inside the building; activating the Panic Button will ensure that everyone is notified, and proper measures are taken to rectify the situation.


Managing grievance of the active members at a commercial building is a tiring job but not anymore. With myCiti app, building management can simplify the whole process and find instant solutions to every problem faced by the members. Registering the complaint, monitoring the progress, reviewing the solution, and rating are few interactive features that add more value and accountability to Grievance Redressal.


Security is the most vulnerable facet for any commercial building. With myCiti app, the building management can add extra layers of security to the existing security setup of the entire complex. Features like Digital Gate Pass, Theft Management, and Parking Management ensure that intruders and troublemakers don’t get free pass inside the building without disturbing the day-to-day activities on the premises.


Members can use the Vendor-Supplier management feature to digitize the entire ecosystem concerning the dealings between the vendors and suppliers. This feature will benefit both the vendors and suppliers to receive/make payments, generate/deliver orders, and maintain a digital record of every dealings within the premises. myCiti app will act as the digital medium between vendors and suppliers to help the members SAVE TIME, MONEY, & RESOURCES.

Use Cases

While myCiti solves many day to day living problems ,below is just one example how it makes lives of all
the involved parties easier involved in a Commercial Marketplace.

Existing Process

Established Norms
  • Supplier has no clue about lease expiry
  • Payment cycle is usually few weeks or months
Ad-hoc Announcements
  • Many times business owner terminates lease at short notice
  • Any urgent annoucement from market doesn’t reaches everyone on-time
  • Huge financial loss to the Suppliers
  • Market’s crediblity suffers with Suppliers and Buyers

With myCiti

Established Norms
  • Supplier has complete and up-to-date info about lease expiry
  • Payment request can be made as per the credible & timely information
Ad-hoc Announcements
  • Any lease breakage info will be shared with all Subscribed Suppliers as soon as it happens
  • Any important market updates can be shared by the Management with all Suppliers within few clicks
  • No monetary losses because of not having accurate & timely information
  • Digital, Transparent & Credible Market. Happy Suppliers, Owners & Buyers

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