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Whether you are looking for Owner/Visitor Parking Management, Tempo/Commercial Vehicle Parking Management or Integrated solutions with Real-time Reporting, we have you covered!

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Owner Parking

Owners and staff of the premises get custom QR-based stickers for direct entry without any waiting or register entry.

Tempo Parking

Goods and Materials can be easily and securely collected or dropped with myCiti Smart Tempo Parking Management Solution.

Visitor Parking

With our Pay n Park Module or RFID-based Entry System, you can set-up an efficient and productive Visitor Parking Management.

Key Features

Allocate Vehicle Slots
  • Car Parking Slots
  • Two-wheeler Parking
  • Tempo Parking
Allocate Vehicle Slots

myCiti allows you to allocate vehicle slots within the premises for vehicle types as well as different user types. You can allocate zones or areas within our parking module.

Access Control System
  • Admin Access
  • Manage Real-time
  • 24/7 Monitoring
Access Control System

Admins or security staff can get full access control to manage and monitor the activities of the parking management. Generate real-time or scheduled reports about vehicles parked and income generated.

Flexible Parking Passes
  • Monthly Passes
  • Pay & Park
  • QR-based Entry
Flexible Parking Passes

myCiti offers two types of vehicle parking management system based for different visitor types and needs. Monthly passes for regular visitors and Pay & Park module for general parking management.

LED Display for Empty Slots
  • No. of Slots Available
  • Parking Assistance
  • Monitor Vehicle Traffic
LED Display for Empty Slots

Depending on the needs and parking area, we also provide LED displays for slot availability and empty slots. Smart access towards the most convenient parking slot available.

Hand-held Pay & Park Devices
  • Easy and Efficient
  • Generate Instant Tokens
  • Carry Anywhere
Hand-held Pay & Park Devices

myCiti Pay & Park module offers hand-held devices to generate parking tickets for convenience and smart parking. Fully mobile and wireless.

Live Reports
  • Real-time Reports
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Payment Tracking
Live Reports

Live reports are accessible from anywhere and anytime using the right credentials. It also lets you check the history of vehicle traffic and helps you manage your parking space accordingly with necessary improvements.

Types of Parking Solutions

Pay & Park System

Collect payment and allot parking tokens with our smart hand-held devices for better convenience and easy handling.

QR Based Parking

QR based attended Parking Management allows visitors to get direct entry by showing physical/digital parking stickers.

Card Based Parking

Deploy an easy entry/exit management with our unattended card-based parking system. Ideal for huge parking spaces.

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