Smart Parking Management


We specialize in making the vehicle parking management solution efficient, easy & less prone to manual errors. We offer a wide range of smart parking solution for different areas like owner/tenant parking, visitor parking, parking lot management & guided parking solutions.

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ANPR Camera Based Solution

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a highly accurate system capable of reading vehicle number plates without human intervention. When used purposefully these can be used for a variety of solutions like access control, automatic recordkeeping of vehicles in any premise, enforcing parking fees etc.

Pay & Park Solution

This highly integrated smart parking solution comes with specialized devices (POS, Kiosk, etc) for collecting rule-based parking fees from visitors in any premise or parking lot at Entry & Exit. Management gets real-time reports on the collection, availability of slots, daily staff cash reports etc.. conveniently on their Smartphones accessible from anywhere.

Smart QR Based Solution

Very effective and practical solution for owners/tenants or any pre-authorized vehicles where each one of them has their custom QR stickers. Staff or Management can scan the QR codes & contact the vehicle owners when there is a need plus non-authorized vehicles are easily identified through Branding, Background Color & QR.

UHF Tags Based Solution

For a hassle-free & zero manpower usage access control requirement of owner/tenant/authorized vehicles movement this solution comes fully integrated with boom barriers or other related access control systems. Breeze In/Out freely without any physical contact or staff dependency.

Online Parking Slot Booking

If you have a commercial parking lot where you would want the visitors to view the availability of slots, reserve a slot by paying online or extend their parking duration all from the convenience of their Smartphones, then this is a perfect solution. This can be integrated with any other parking solutions as needed.

Guided Parking Solution

We can provide an intelligent smart parking solution where you are guided every step of the way- right at the entrance, each floor, each aisle in terms of slots available & bright occupancy indicator lights for each slot saving your time, vehicle's fuel consumption for a delightful experience.

Key Features

Reliable & Secured
  • Guaranteed Uptime
  • Best in-class Security
  • Best Warranty & AMC Terms
Reliable & Secured

All of our smart parking solutions are designed to make the whole process reliable, predictable and enhance the existing security level of whatever your current state, process, or systems.

Reduce Staff Dependency
  • Do More with Less
  • More Efficient
  • Highly Scalable
Reduce Staff Dependency

Our solutions can fully or partially eliminate the need for having multiple parking staff by leveraging a powerful and integrated hardware & software platform.

One Size Doesn't Fit All
  • Tailor Made Solutions
  • Multiple Options
  • Modular & Configurable
One Size Doesn't Fit All

We understand it fully, that's why we offer such a wide array of solutions that can all work together, automated or manual with slight customizations as required.

Advanced Analytics
  • Multi-purpose Reports
  • Real-time Intelligence
  • Fact-based Decision Making
Advanced Analytics

We use various advanced analytics concepts like image processing, exception reports, real-time dashboards to provide an interactive & insightful platform for the management so they are empowered.

Global Support
  • Robust Support Structure
  • Customizable as Needed
  • Automated FAQs Support
Global Support

We offer worldwide support for all our software and most of the hardware either directly or through our partners/affiliates. So we are never out of reach when you need us

Competitive Pricing
  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • Market Research driven Pricing
  • High Customer Retention
Competitive Pricing

We offer very competitive pricing for all our solutions so you don't really have to shop around negotiating pricing with multiple vendors. We pride ourselves in customer retention & long-term relationships with all our clients.

Types of Parking Solutions

Unattended Parking Solution

We can provide fully smart parking solutions that can run without any manpower for any of the solution areas. Depending on your requirements this works great where the intent is to have an unattended system in place without any staff reliance.

Attended Parking Solution

We understand in some cases having a fully attended parking solution is essential due to various factors like cost, physical constraints, nature of business etc. Our solutions are made with utmost care so that it's very easy to operate by staff, takes minimal time & provides detailed analytical reports.

Semi Attended Parking Solution

We know there is always a sweet middle ground, this hybrid Parking model doesn't need a continuous staff or monitoring but based on system alerts & exceptions a shared staff can attend any requirements as they arise, allowing you to do more with fewer staff.

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