Smart Queue Management System India

Keeping your customers waiting for long hours is not only wasting their time but also harming your business. In this technology-driven world, it is important to adopt the ideal queue management and online appointment booking system to line up your customers digitally.

myCiti Token can help vendors:

  • Avoid long queues

  • Retain customers

  • Follow Lockdown

To develop a healthy, feasible, and productive environment and tackle the competitive market, it is important to embrace myCiti Token, a secured and digital queue management and appointment booking platform developed for vendors cater their customers.

What is myCiti Token & How it Helps in Digital Queue Management?

To help businesses manage customers and avoid long queues, Netsol IT Solutions PVT. LTD., which is in the IT industry space for over 12 years, has introduced myCiti Token, a unique concept to help vendors and other businesses attracting crowds to avoid unnecessary crowding and manage queues digitally. myCiti Token is an application designed to generate/request e-tokens directly from your smartphone.

Using this app, vendors can manage the customers and assign a unique token to each one of them which mentions the best time to purchase from their store without crowding or queuing up. Customers can generate e-token and relax at their home. They will get a notification just before their turn and they can visit the store for the given time-slot.

myCiti Token is not just a simple queue management app, but it is bundled with some excellent features beyond queue management system that will help vendors to scale their business exponentially.

Benefits of an Online Queue Management System

Since the customers are queued up virtually while they are at home,

  • It reduces the risk of encountering crowds.

  • It saves time of the customers and keeps them happy.

  • It offers a smart and efficient solution for both vendor and customer.

myCiti Queuing Application Features

Dynamic Control

Configurable (1) Total Number of Customers that can be Allowed AND (2) Total Time Spent by a Customer inside the business premise.

Pause-Restart Queue

Ability to Stop and Start Queue as per the availability in real-time with the click of a button.

Daily Customer Report

No More Register Entries. Digital, Searchable & Shareable Reports of every Customer in case there is contact tracing, or you need to Notify them digitally all at once.

Pick-Up Module

Customers can place their Orders, Chat, Get Alerts when it's ready for pick-up, Make Online Payment and never stand in a queue at the entrance or payment counters.

Deals Corner

Get Exclusive deals from Vendors-New Product Arrivals-Stock updates etc. Don't rely on an informal platform like WhatsApp which can be restricted by authorities as it's an unregulated platform.

Multi-Platform Solution

One of the handful offerings in the market which is Available on iOS, Android & Web Platforms. No Internet, No Smartphone or Computer, No Worries, it works just with SMS as well.

Fully Functional

State-of-the-art mobile applications offering all the features and functionality required in a token management application.

Digital Tokens

No physical tokens needed anymore. All the tokens generated are completely digital eliminating the risk of any infection.

Secure Data

The application is fully secured and all the data within the application remains fully encrypted.

How to Book Appointment Online with myCiti Token?

Watch the video tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

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