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Any Citi's landscape is dominated with Residential and Commercial Complexes. Essential stepping stone towards making Smart Cities is to digitize and make these Complexes Smarter by Empowering the Users, Management Committees and Staffs through Technology.

myCiti is a User focussed App providing solutions for practical daily problems around you through the use of technology. If something is manual, tedious, non-transparent or inconvenient in your day-to-day life, we strive to provide simple & effective solutions for those. Convenience, Convergence and Making day-to-day living experiences Simplified is our core objective. In the process we also take extreme care of removing or reducing the use of paper and natural resources from the prevailing daily operational routines.

We provide a whole Suite of Smart Solutions YOU, where YOU Live or where YOU work, in short, we have you covered wherever you are, making my Citi YOUR daily go-to app./p>


  • Communication Management

    Manage all kinds of intra community communications, interact, conduct polls and much more.

  • Maintenance Management

    Never worry about late payments, get alerted, pay & keep a tab of all past transactions.

  • Complaint Management

    Report issues right when it happens, track, get notified, provide rating and feedback after resolution.

  • Visitor Management

    Manage your visitors like never before within few clicks, get notifications & alerts, manage visitor parking.


Quickly search anyone within your community, staffs, vehicles, local vendors at your fingertips.

Why myCiti ?

While myCiti solves many day to day living problems , below is just one example how it makes lives of all
the involved parties easier for managing the life cycle of a complaint.

Existing Process

Raise Complaint
  • User calls Property Manager (PM)
  • Business Hours only
Resolution Process
  • PM calls Electrician and Electrician calls Vendor
  • Vendor Visit Scheduling
  • Actual Repair Work
Request Closure
  • Close Request without user input
  • No Provision for Rating
  • No Provision for Feedback

With myCiti

Raise Complaint
  • Click Photo & Create complaint
  • Anytime, Anywhere
Resolution Process
  • Auto Notifications/Updates to all
  • Actual Repair Work
  • Photo evidence shared with user
Request Closure
  • After getting user OTP only
  • User Rating for all services
  • Provision for additional feedback

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Whether you stay/work in a gated community, apartment complex, residential society or commercial complex, we have you covered. Get the best residential & commercial complex management solution at your fingertips and feel the difference!