Gate pass Management Solution


It's very common in commercial markets to issue paper-based handwritten Gate passes which can be manipulated easily. Now get barcode based Gate passes which allows you to get real-time reports. Management can easily manage the validity of these Gatepasses and much more with our solution!

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Material Gate pass

Transform your material gate pass into digital passes in order to track materials moving in and out of the premises.

Visitor Gate pass


Monitor, manage, and validate the foot traffic within the facility using QR Code-based visitor gate pass management solution.

Returnable Pass

Track the materials that go out of the premises and return using our returnable gate pass management.

Key Features

Smart Notifications
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Dispatch Alerts
  • Accurate Data
Smart Notifications

With digital gate passes, our application sends out real-time notifications and alerts related to dispatch orders and material gate pass to all concerned departments.

Digital Recordkeeping
  • No Paper-based Records
  • Smart Data Management
  • Digital Passes
Digital Recordkeeping

myCiti replaces the current paper-based material and returnable gate pass system with digital passes which empowers digital recordkeeping and smart data management.

Prevent Manipulations
  • No Misinformation or Manipulations
  • Digital Dispatch Orders
  • Avoid Alteration or Duplications
Prevent Manipulations

Avoid any manipulations or misinformation with our digital solution by replacing paper-based gate pass slips which can be altered or duplicated with secured digital passes.

Dynamic Validity Control
  • Validate at All Levels
  • Dynamic Control Ability
  • Verify Dispatch Data
Dynamic Validity Control

Digital Gate pass will allow the management to dynamically validate all the materials which moves in and out of the premises by eliminating any risk of manipulation and misinformation.

Monitor Goods Traffic
  • Organized Dispatch Management
  • Accurately Track Goods Traffic
  • Boost Productivity
Monitor Goods Traffic

Always keep track of the goods traffic for smarter management and productive environment. Such monitoring will also provide the accurate data to supervise and organize goods moving in and out intelligently.

Real-time Reports
  • Detailed Analytical Data
  • Real-time and Instant Reports
  • Record All Goods Traffic
Real-time Reports

myCiti offers detailed reports to assess and monitor the number of gate passes created and the goods moved out of the premises in real-time.

Types of Gate pass Solutions

Textile Markets

Any textile market based in Surat, Ahmedabad, or anywhere in India/World can readily use the myCiti.


Commercial buildings and complexes in India and worldwide can benefit by adopting any of our various types of Gate pass Solutions.


Medium to large-scale industries and manufacturing hubs can improve productivity and security with our gate pass management system.

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