Staff Attendance Management System


Seamlessly manage Staff Attendance with our integrated face recognition system to know exactly when your employees are coming and leaving work! Get the full HRM Solution to manage Leave Approval and Payroll etc as well.

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Adopt a biometric or online attendance software for your management staff.

Domestic Staff

Domestic staff can check-in and individual units can track attendance and calculate salary accordingly.

Temporary Staff

employee attendance software also manages attendance tracking for temporary staff.

Key Features

Realtime Attendance
  • Instant Check-ins
  • Digital Attendance Tracking
  • Flexible Attendance Formats
Realtime Attendance

Our mobile based attendance system enables real-time check-in and attendance tracking to save time and resources with simple and flexible attendance applications.

Integrated Hardware
  • Biometric Attendance Support
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Integrated Hardware Solutions
Integrated Hardware

myCiti staff attendance management app can easily integrate with our hardware solutions such as biometric or fingerprint attendance devices and other electronic or mobile gadgets

Leave Management
  • Notify Unavailability Online
  • Track Number of Leaves
  • Transparent Leave Policies
Leave Management

Staff can easily notify and track their leaves within the system. No more arguments or confusions regarding leaves, whether paid, sick, or casual leaves.

Smart Payroll Solution
  • Integrated Payroll
  • Digital Salary Imbursement
  • Timely and Instant Pay
Smart Payroll Solution

myCiti attendance solution is integrated with our Payroll application and hence enables the option of digital payment facility and promises timely salary.

Manual Exception Handling
  • Admin Alterations Allowed
  • Empowers Management
  • Exception for Off-site Staff
Manual Exception Handling

While the software tracks all the check-ins and leaves, our staff management application also powers the management with an option of manual exception handling whenever the need arises.

Detailed Analytical Reporting
  • Historical Digital Records
  • Analyse Check-in Patterns
  • Monitor Staff Attendance Data
Detailed Analytical Reporting

Get detailed analytical report on periodical basis to monitor staff attendance data, check-in patterns, and leave habits and discover new opportunities to boost productivity.

Types of Staff Attendance solution

Mobile App-based

Let your staff check-in using our mobile-based Attendance System. A simple QR code scan by the staff will register attendance and gain access in the premises.


Corporate office spaces and other commercial spaces can adopt our Biometric time attendance system for secured entry/exit and smart attendance tracking.

Face Recognition

Facial recognition adds a new security layer to our online attendance system to eliminate any kind of manipulation or unauthorised entry.

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