What is myCiti?

myCiti is a packaged technology solution with SaaS distribution model for Communities, enabling the urban complexes to manage & run their day to day operations easily. It helps in Eliminating Physical Dependencies - Go Paperless - Go Cashless - Go Digital and Avoid Physical Contacts as much as Possible and more !!

Where can I get the myCiti App?

myCiti App is currently available for download both from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

How easy it is for the Residents and Staff to use the myCiti App?

Anyone using a smartphone will find it very easy and intuitive to use. The whole idea is to eliminate the paperwork, provide transparency and real-time updates to make things simplified for residents, management committees, staff, vendors and anyone else who ever uses the myCiti app.

How can we request for a Demo?

Please fill the form on our website to submit your request or write to us at info@myciti.in . We will coordinate and plan for the demo at the earliest upon receiving the request.

How quickly can I get onboarded with the myCiti App?

The app can be onboarded and deployed within 5-7 days of your society(residential or commercial) management team signing up with us. We will create & configure your society, do the initial data entry as needed and also conduct an onboarding training for your Admin/Staff/Users to ensure a smooth transition.

How much do I have to pay for using the myCiti App?

Only the management committee of your gated complex needs to subscribe for myCiti's services and agree on the Payment terms & conditions; the app is absolutely free to use for the residents. If you want to use any premium household services, you can subscribe to them in-app whenever you want to.

For any additional questions or concern, please contact us at +919727700703 or write to us at info@myciti.in