myCiti aims to offer a number of features for all it's users, whether you are a property manager, resident committee, staff, vendor, owner or tenant, we have you covered. We are continuously working on expanding the feature list based on our own research and your feedback.


Type it, Broadcast it to Everyone in your Complex, it's that easy. You don't need to Print copies and rely on the society staff to put it on a Notice board and leave it on the individuals to read it.


Organising events in your Complex is made so much easier, with one-click broadcast to all members which they can dd to their calendars easily.


Manage all your meetings right from scheduling, sharing minutes of meeting and keeping it for record keeping is all done through one interface.


Want to install Security Cameras in your complex? Don't know if people will be willing for it, how much can they pay for it? Create a Poll, get quick answers and reports for swift actions.

Share and Update

Take up an impromptu society cleaning exercise, broadcast on the community wall and let your fellow residents lend you a helping hand.

Real Time Interaction

Chat with your fellow residents in real time, without the need of having being forced to a social media platform.

Report Issue

When you see an issue, click a picture and create a Complaint right away any time of the day.

Track Status

As soon as you raised a complaint, every action or lack of it will be reported to you through-out the life-cycle of the request.


No one can close a Complaint without getting your consent and feedback.

Rate Staff

You get to rate the staff who performed the service, now you know who are the repeat offenders and those who provide quality service.

Get Alert

Never miss a reminder/alert for your upcoming maintenance payment. No more late penalty, just because no one alerted you on-time.


Report & Record all Payments centrally.


As an Admin, manage the Maintenance notifications, penalties, status and cash balance.


Search and track all past Maintenance payment details whenever you need it.

Manage your Visitors

Make it easier for your Visitor, Security Staff and more importantly yourself when it comes to managing any incoming or outgoing visitor, all through the convenience of the app irrespective of where you are.

Get Notified

Get notified with Pictures who is at the gate, pre-authorise gate entries and communicate right from the app.

Visitor Vehicle Management

Wrongly parked Visitor Vehicle, Vehicles parked for long hours or overnight? Get alerted automatically.

Quick Member Search

Moved into a new community, don't know your neighbours? Once authorised, look out and know your neighbours with a click.


Have all the permanent and temporary staff listing and their full details whenever you need it.


Someone Parked in your assigned Parking space? Search by the Vehicle number, know their details and contact them right away.

Local Vendors

Want to know who are the local and approved vendors in the neighbourhood, you have it all and more at your fingertips.