A Smart City is incomplete unless you built Smart Homes, Smart Residences, Smart Offices, and Smart Complexes. While India prepares for the futuristic smart cities, it is time for you to get ready for that change as well. Smart Cities are powered by Individuals who embrace this evolving technology-powered world and myCiti opens the door for you to embed this digital lifestyle in your routine.
Today, every individual owns a Smartphone but only a handful understand its true potential. It is time to unleash the full potential of your Smartphone by powering your device with myCiti app. The app will help you unlock the excellent features designed to make your life convenient and technology-driven.

Individual Features


Never miss an update! With myCiti, engaging with the community becomes hassle-free and convenient. Personalized features like Group Chat, Event Calendar, Polls/Surveys help you become more aware and involved in community-related activities.


Deals and offers from local vendors are easily accessible at your fingertips. Scroll through the Classifieds/Deals section on your myCiti app to find the latest deals and classifieds by local vendors nearby. Discounted deals from local vendors will help you SAVE MONEY.


Managing household chores is no more a challenge with Domestic Help Management. Keep a track on your domestic staff’s attendance, pay them instantly, and communicate seamlessly directly from myCiti App.


Security is the key factor to lead a peaceful and stress-free life. With our Door Monitoring System, you can sit back and relax, while the application keeps a watch on your door. You can monitor any wrongdoings or suspicious activities remotely using myCiti App and report it instantly. Door Monitoring System also helps you communicate with anyone at your doorstep, so you don’t invite strangers at your home.


No need to worry about the sudden spike in your electricity bill anymore with the Power Consumption Monitoring feature offered by myCiti. You can monitor the power consumption of all the appliances at your residence or workspace and check for unusual spikes, faulty appliances consuming heavy power, misuse, etc. directly from your smartphone. myCiti Power Consumption Monitoring system will not only help you SAVE MONEY but also bring any wrongdoings into the light.


The world is no longer technology-driven but evolved into a technology-powered space. Home Automation is the first step to embrace this evolution. Now, you can remotely control every appliance, gadget, entry access, and much more using the myCiti Home Automation technology. Home Automation will help you save time while transforming your residence into a SMARTHOME. The world is going digital, it’s time for you to GO DIGITAL as well.

Use Cases

While myCiti solves many day to day living problems ,below is just one example how it makes lives simpler of all
the individual users using the myCiti platform

Existing Process

Building Groups
  • Get the details and use one of the social media platforms to set-up
  • Try to fit in your needs based on what & how much that platform offers
Managing the Groups
  • Can’t have focussed discussion within sub-groups
  • Can’t conduct events or polls through the same app
  • Can’t cater to the personalized needs of your group
  • Too much burden on Admin
  • Have to use different apps/tools for different needs
  • Very manual and difficult for everyone to get along

With myCiti

Building Groups
  • We will get the initial details and set you-up for success
  • myCiti is a Super App designed to handle multiple needs through the same platform
Managing Groups
  • Add family/group/community members. Create & Manage Sub-groups
  • Conduct end to end Events with digital payments, reciepts & accouting
  • It is designed for you and could be personalized even further
  • Minimum overhead on Admin
  • Everything you need is under the myCiti umbrella
  • Very Simple & Intuitive design for ensuring great success

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Whether you stay/work in a gated community, apartment complex, residential society or commercial complex, we have you covered. Get the best residential & commercial complex management solution at your fingertips and feel the difference!