While building smart cities and smart homes, we often forget about building smart complexes. A smart city requires smart communities and hence we developed myCiti app with the right tools and technology to transform any apartment complex or a township into a smart technology-driven community. myCiti is a full-fledged society management app designed to work as an innovative and interactive communication channel for the members.

myCiti app brings the residents, the staff, and local vendors together on a single platform where they can maintain and monitor day-to-day tasks conveniently and efficiently. myCiti app also encourages engagement and help the residents become more involved in all the matters related to society.

Residential Features


Whether you live in an apartment complex or a township, managing domestic staff will no more be a hassle with myCiti app. Households can maintain the record of entry/exit, daily attendance, payments, leaves, etc. directly from a smartphone. The database of domestic staff also comes handy whenever a new resident comes onboard. The rating of individual staff can help the new resident choose the best of the lot, whereas the review system will also encourage the staff to become more efficient and responsible.


Why pay in cash when you can GO DIGITAL? myCiti app enables the option for online payment of maintenance, staff salary, event tickets, donations, etc. right from your smartphone. Besides the convenience, the online payment option also maintains the digital record for each payment sent or received. Hence, it gives you the freedom from remembering or keeping a track of every payment in a journal. Most importantly, the apartment complex management can send reminders, notifications, etc. during any payment delays. Residents can schedule auto-payment or set reminders for monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance.


Managing visitors becomes organized, well-maintained, and secured with myCiti app. The dependency of maintaining physical registers for every entry is no longer needed as myCiti allows pre-authorized visitor entry and keeps and maintains the record of every staff and vendors entering the premises on a regular basis. Residents get instant alerts for visitors, whereas the security staff gets notified of any overstay concerning delivery guys or cab/auto drivers. All the records are conveniently organized and building managers can easily verify or check for suspicious entries directly from myCiti app.


Complaints are the most ignored aspect of any residential complex and our mission is to change it using myCiti app. With myCiti app, registering and resolving complaints becomes simple. Residents or building management can register a complaint or issue on the complaint board using myCiti app. The residents can also check the progress and provide ratings or feedback once the issue is resolved. Such a transparent ecosystem will encourage building management and technicians to resolve the problem as soon as possible. The complaint board will also help the building managers to rectify as well as spot the inefficiency of the company or technicians as per the AMC.


Using myCiti app, you get an Interactive Wall where you can share as well as receive important society updates, event notifications, and discounted deals/offers from local vendors. Polls feature on myCiti app helps the management take decisions instantly after reviewing the poll results. Complex management can also make announcements regarding ongoing elevator maintenance, water shortage alert, or any other critical event to ensure that the residents are aware in advance.


Every resident of the society/apartment complex gets the access to the local directory which maintains the record of every resident in the building, the details of building management and administrators, and details of staff, vendors, and other important members of the society. In addition to the contact details, the local directory also maintains the record of every vehicle and its owner within the society. With myCiti directory, finding vendors for daily needs such as newspaper, milk, etc. becomes more convenient. Local Directory also features emergency numbers in case of any unexpected event that requires instant assistance.

Use Cases

While myCiti solves many day to day living problems ,below is just one example how it makes lives of all
the involved parties easier for managing the life cycle of a complaint.

Existing Process

Raise Complaint
  • User calls Property Manager (PM)
  • Business Hours only
Resolution Process
  • PM calls Electrician and Electrician calls Vendor
  • Vendor Visit Scheduling
  • Actual Repair Work
Request Closure
  • Close Request without user input
  • No Provision for Rating
  • No Provision for Feedback

With myCiti

Raise Complaint
  • Click Photo & Create complaint
  • Anytime, Anywhere
Resolution Process
  • Auto Notifications/Updates to all
  • Actual Repair Work
  • Photo evidence shared with user
Request Closure
  • After getting user OTP only
  • User Rating for all services
  • Provision for additional feedback

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Whether you stay/work in a gated community, apartment complex, residential society or commercial complex, we have you covered. Get the best residential & commercial complex management solution at your fingertips and feel the difference!