Complaint Management Solution


Simplified App based Society Complaint Management for all parties. Complete digital solution for any Complaints for total transparency and fairness. Easily track complaint handlers performance and member's feedback!

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Pure App-based

Raise complaints or manage registered complaints within the app and assign it to the contracted vendor, team, or individual.

On-Call Request

Directly call the vendor or team responsible for the concerned issue using the directory within the app and get the complaint resolved.

Service Reports

Get service reports for all your complaint handlers. See how much volume they are handling & the feedback they have gotten.

Key Features

Smart Workflows
  • Intelligent Problem Redressal
  • Methodical Complaint Handling
  • Instant Feedback
Smart Workflows

With smart workflow management, vendors or team managing the complaint can also add feedback, assign the service request to designated personel and manage different service requests intelligently.

Easy Collaboration
  • Single Ecosystem
  • Collaborate Within Teams
  • Streamlined Communication
Easy Collaboration

myCiti Complaint Management System brings all concerned departments under a single ecosystem for easy collaboration between teams and concerned parties.

Transparent & Real-time
  • Check Service Request Status
  • Real-time Updates/Feedback
  • Transparent Process
Transparent & Real-time

Users can check the status of their complaints and service requests, whereas the team managing the complaint can update or share feedback on complaints in real-time.

Rating & Feedback Provision
  • Submit Ratings/Feedback
  • Monitor Service Quality
  • Boost Performance
Rating & Feedback Provision

myCiti allows users to rate and share the experience on how the responder handled the service request. Helps boost performance and quality of service.

Performance Monitoring
  • Track Performance
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Increased Productivity
Performance Monitoring

Vendors or teams handling complaints can also track performance within the team using the feedback shared by the users to improve efficiency and increased productivity.

Pictorial Support
  • Upload Images
  • Proof-based Request Handling
  • Visual Feedback
Pictorial Support

Both users and responders can upload pictures concerning the complaint. It helps both the users and responder with visual evidence to either track or close the complaint.

Types of Complaint Management


In residential society and apartment buildings, it is essential to have a smart complaint management software for quick and better handling.


Handle all your complaints and service request within the commercial premises under myCiti app. Track your complaint status in real-time and get instant solutions.


Industrial and manufacturing units can boost productivity and efficiency of the team with smart work flow and streamlined solutions.

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