Contactless Recordkeeping Solution


No more register entries, manage all your visitors with simple no contact QR based entry and exit process. Easily find out exceptions, Search verified records from anywhere-anytime !

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QR Based

Replace physical register entry with QR-based entry/exist system to avoid any contact or infection scare.

Visitor ePass

Instead of a physical visitor pass, myCiti offers ePass directly on the visitor's mobile phone.

Digital Reports

Skip maintaining physical registers or records with myCiti digital recordkeeping which is accessible anywhere and anytime.

Key Features

QR-enabled Entry/Exit
  • QR Based Visitor Entry
  • Scan QR from your Phone
  • Register Entry from Phone
QR-enabled Entry/Exit

Visitors can scan QR code available at the entry gate and fill in the necessary details directly from own mobile screen. It avoids any alien contact and prevents any chance of infection.

Touchfree Check-ins
  • Real-time Check-ins
  • Contactless Entry
  • Record Data Digitally
Touchfree Check-ins

Security personel can verify the data in real-time and allow touchfree check-ins for incoming visitors and record the data digitally.

Privacy and Data Security
  • 100% Encrypted Data
  • Avoid Data Misuse
  • Maintain Privacy and Data Security
Privacy and Data Security

We respect your privacy and all the data stored within the system remain under multiple layers of encryption. Your data remains exempt from any misuse or manipulation.

Easy Recordkeeping
  • Long-lasting Digital Records
  • Easy Contactless Entry System
  • Smart Visitor Management
Easy Recordkeeping

Physical registers worn out with time and it gets tough maintaining records for a longer period. With myCiti digital recordkeeping, things are smart and records are easy to maintain.

Interactive Admin Dashboard
  • Assess Validated Data
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Secured Entry/Exit System
Interactive Admin Dashboard

Admin gets an interactive dashboard where you can assess the data for improved efficiency and simply the process of entry and exit within the premises without compromising on security and validation.

Live Reports and Records
  • Historical Data Records
  • Real-time Entry/Exit System
  • Privacy & Data Security
Live Reports and Records

Admins can check historical data and live reports are accessibile in real-time. All the records are digitally stored within the system keeping privacy and data security at the highest priority.

Types of Contactless Solutions


Empower your guests, staff, and vendors with digital solutions to avoid any physical contact putting them at undue risks due to bacterial transmissions.


Adopt contactless recordkeeping solutions offered by myCiti and ensure all your visitor data is stored digitally and securely without any physical contact.


Industrial and manufacturing units can embrace myCiti contactless solutions to prevent infection spread through contact or touch.

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