Event Management Solution


Digitally Broadcast the Event Details, Get Participation list, Track & 1-click follow-up provisions. What's more, You can Collect Event Fees Online & Allow Check-in based on Digital Receipts/Confirmation. Conduct Polls or Surveys to get maximum participation and keep things transparent.

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Paid or Free


myCiti Society Event Management Solution lets you host and organize both paid and free events. Simply add an event and choose whether it's a paid one or free.



Send out invites digitally and the invitees can RSVP for the event directly via myCiti app. Plan the event based on the RSVPs received.



The balancesheet of the whole event is created and accessible online through the app for everyone to check the expenses and income generated for the event.


Verified Access for Paid Events
  • ePasses for Paid Events
  • Avoid Unauthorized Entries
  • Contactless Verification Process
Verified Access for Paid Events

For all the paid events, attendees get verified access digital tokens on their phones to attend the events. No more uninvited intruders and easy entry process for all events.

Conduct Survey/Polls
  • Start Online Surveys/Polls
  • Get Notified of New Surveys/Polls
  • Transparent and Instant Results
Conduct Survey/Polls

Event hosts or management can conduct surveys or polls related to the events directly through the myCiti app. Members get notified of any new poll or survey posted on the app.

Transparent & Fair
  • Track Event Progress
  • Transparent Event Management
  • Accessible to all Members
Transparent & Fair

Members or attendees can track the entire event management through the app as the whole process remains transparent and fair to all the members involved.

Host Society or Private Events
  • Manage Society/Private Events
  • Exchange Vendor Information
  • Send Out Invites Through App
Host Society or Private Events

myCiti event management allows both the society and members to host common or private events and manage it through the app.

Publish Event Guidelines
  • Post Event Rules and Guidelines
  • Accessible to all Attendees
  • Instantly Notify Updates or Changes
Publish Event Guidelines

Host can also publish event rules or guidelines while adding an event. These guidelines are accessible to all the invitees and completely transparent.

Share Events Photos with All
  • Publish Event Photos
  • Relive Memories with Photos
  • Engage Through Likes and Shares
Share Events Photos with All

Society event organizers can also share event photos on myCiti app to cherish the memories of the event within the community. Members can like and share these pictures too.

Types of Event Management Solutions


Residential societies and apartment buildings can organize events, send out invites, receive RSVPs, post balancesheet, and share event pictures from a single mobile app.


Commercial building associations can also use myCiti app to organize and manage paid or private events hassle-free without spending hugely in an event management company.


myCiti event management is also available for all private event organizers for easy & simplified event management. Use it to host and manage all your public, private, or paid events.

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