Maintenance Management Solution


We provide fully customizable settings addressing different maintenance rules and property types including multiple ways to set-up the penalty. Online Payment Options and Intelligent Reminders for Admins & Users!

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Maintenance Bill

Simply digitize the entire process of society maintenance billing and collection with myCiti Society Maintenance Management Solutions.

Member Ledger


Management and members can access the ledger to check the amount collected as a part of maintenance and the balance with the society.

Dues Report

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Management committee can track the maintenance dues via member dues report and send alerts/notifications or necessary action as per society guidelines.

Key Features

Rule-based Settings
  • Rules for Late Maintenance
  • Interest Incurred on Delayed Maintenance
  • Benefits for Advance Maintenance Fees
Rule-based Settings

myCiti Automate Society Billing Software Solution allows the community/association to setup rules on late payments, advance payments, interest, etc. within the app settings.

Penalty Management
  • Penalty Charges on Late Payments
  • Penalty Guidelines Management
  • Real-time Revision and Updates
Penalty Management

Penalty guidelines and rules can be added directly to the app and the committee can implement penalties for late payments and manage the guidelines through the myCiti app.

  • Alerts on Maintenance Dues
  • Auto-reminders Prior Due Date
  • No Excuses for Delayed Payments

Alerts and auto reminders for maintenance dues are automatically scheduled as per the rules set by the committee and hence no more excuses for delayed payments.

Digital Receipts
  • Instant Digital Receipts
  • Proof of Payment
  • Get Receipts on App or Email
Digital Receipts

Members get digital receipts instantly which is stored within the app and accessible as a proof of payment whenever necessary. No more reminding or waiting for maintenance receipts.

Online Payment Facility
  • Online Payment Modes
  • Instant Maintenance Payment
  • Easy Maintenance Collection
Online Payment Facility

No need to pay in cash or write a cheque anymore with myCiti. Members can use the online payment facility to clear the maintenance dues in real-time.

  • Maintenance Ledger
  • Maintenance Dues Report
  • Accessible Defaulters List

Members ledger and dues report is accessible to all the members and hence there's complete transparency on maintenance amount collected and identity of those who have high maintenance dues.

Types of Maintenance Management


Residential societies and apartment buildings can replace the existing maintenance collect process with myCiti Society Maintenance App bundled with amazing features.

Textile Market

Big commercial associations such as textile markets can benefit from digital Society Maintenance Solutions with streamlined maintenance collect and late payment handling.

Shopping Malls

Shoppers association within a commercial setup can transform the entire physical process of maintenance collection with our digital solution and penalty management.

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