Tenant Management System


Maintain completely Digital, Verified & Secured Owner/Tenant records which can be searched and updated easily. All changes are immediately notified & reflected everywhere in the system. Upload and Maintain Digital Copies of all the Forms or Documents within the System!

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Lease Management

myCiti takes care of all the tenant and owner lease agreement and manages all the documents and compliance relevant to lease tenure.

Digital Form Management


Everything is recorded and stored digitally under secured encryption. No more loss of data or misplaced documents.

Move In/Out Tracking


With move-in/move-out tracking, owners and admin can track available properties for rent and tenant information through the app.

Key Features

Automated Lease Alerts
  • Get Lease Renewal Alerts
  • SMS Support
  • Push Notifications on App
Automated Lease Alerts

Get instant alerts on lease renewals and expiry term. You get alerts directly on your phone via SMS or push notifications from the app whenver the lease is up for renewal or about to expire.

Instant Notifications
  • Notifications of Tenants Moving In
  • Alerts on Tenants Moving Out
  • SMS or App-based Notifications
Instant Notifications

Admin and the management are instantly notified of any new tenant moving in. All the concerned parties are also notified of any tenants moving out from the premises.

Tenant History
  • Historical Tenant Records
  • Contact & Detailed Information
  • Digital Records
Tenant History

Details of all tenants are stored in the database for historical recordkeeping. All the data is stored digitally with advanced encryption to avoid any misuse of the data.

Easily Know Vacancies
  • List Vacant Properties
  • Notify Members of Vacant Properties
  • Get Tenant Referrals from Members
Easily Know Vacancies

Owners can list properties for rent and send notifications to all the members through the app. Members can refer interested tenants for vacant properties.

Identify Owner vs Renter
  • Owner/Tenant Directory
  • Open Communication
  • Share New Updates/Guidelines
Identify Owner vs Renter

The details of the owner and renter are available on the directory for any urgent communication or sharing new updates, maintenance, events, or guidelines within the premises.

Easy Search & Find
  • Search Vacant Properties
  • Get Contact Information of Members
  • Find Vendor Information
Easy Search & Find

Our easy search feature allows you to search for vacant properties and owner info directly from the app. Tenants can also find the contact information of all the management personel with a simple search.

Types of Tenant Management Solutions


Owners within the residential society or apartment buildings can list their house for rent and share tenant information with other members using this app.

Textile Market

In a big setup like textile markets, our solution offers transparency to the suppliers & management about tenants moving in/out of the premise.

Shopping Malls

Digitize and organize the entire tenant management process at commercial buildings and shopping complexes with myCiti tenant management solution.

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