Visitor Management System


Pre-Authorize Your Esteemed Guests, with hassle-free OTP based Entry upon Arrival. For Your Domestic Staff we have Biometric or Retina Scan based Entry Process. And for Vendors, Capture Photo, Other details & get Overstay Alerts Notifications.

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Guest Management

Track and register every guest entry with our smart Visitor Management System.

Staff Management

Easy access and entry for staff within the premises is possible with myCiti visitor management.

Vendor Management


Vendors entering the premises are pre-registered so no intruders or strangers enter the gate without authority.

Key Features

Pre-Authorized Visitors
  • OTP-based Entry System
  • Automatic Entry for Guests
  • Skip Register Entry
Pre-Authorized Visitors

Pre-authorize your guests and they get easy access in the building using an OTP. Pre-authorized guests don't require physical or other forms of entry registrations and get direct access.

Register-free System
  • QR Based Entry Record
  • Contactless Registration
  • 100% Digital Recordkeeping
Register-free System

myCiti replaces the existing physical register entry. Using a simple QR code scan, guests can enter information directly from their phones.

Multi-lingual App
  • Supports Local Language
  • Multi-lingual Access Control
  • Made for Everyone
Multi-lingual App

myCiti app supports multiple languages which allow everyone to use the application in their local language. Users can select their desired language while accessing the app.

Overstay Alerts
  • Track Delivery Guy Movements
  • Alerts on Delayed Exits
  • Notifies Security Personnel
Overstay Alerts

Get alerts or notifications whenever a courier delivery man or other delivery agent takes more time than usual. Security personel can also track the movements and investigate the delay after receiving overstay alerts.

Instant Notifications
  • Notifications for Visitor Alerts
  • Supports SMS and Push Notifications
  • Alert Security for any Trouble
Instant Notifications

Users get notified of any visits instantly as soon as the information is registered at the gate through Push notifications on the app or SMS on your registered mobile number.

Historical Records
  • Store Records Digitally
  • Historical Data Search
  • Paperless Recordkeeping
Historical Records

All the visitor entry with time and date is stored as historical records for every residential and commercial building. Management can check historical records anytime, anywhere for security reasons.

Types of Visitor Management


Apartment buildings and co-operative housing society can use myCiti to manage secured and convenient entry/exit of visitors.


Commercial complexes such as textile markets, corporate offices, etc. can easily track the entry/exit of visitors with myCiti app. Keep a digital trail and manage appointments.


Industrial and manufacturing units can set up secured gated infrastructure using our digital Visitor Management Software. Keep a detailed digital record of all your visitors, control access in real-time.

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