Need for The Commercial Complexes to Go Digital

admin October 28, 2021

Digital transformations are changing the way a business is done all across the globe, irrespective of the size. Leveraging big data and analysis, mobility, cloud, and social business in organizations are transforming every step of the value chain.  

Going digital will lead to more revenue sources, removing ineffective and unnecessary processes, and a move from repetitive day-to-day tasks to more strategic and futuristic work. According to Dell’s Digital Transformation Index, eight out of ten organizations accelerated their complexes to go digital. Moreover, 89 percent of the people stated that there is a high need for an agile and scaling IT environment.

Going digital will enable better collaboration between the commercial complexes, offer a customised way to engage with the customers and precise data calculations.

In this blog post, we will give you an overview of the need for commercial complexes to go digital. But, before proceeding further, let’s quickly look into the basics of going digital.

What Does Going Digital Mean?

Going digital means making cultural, operational, and organizational changes in the organization through the combination of digital technologies across all the stages or complexes strategically. 

Going digital assists the organizations in visualizing a clear roadmap to an integrated platform that can simplify all the management and operational routines.  Technologies and specialized services like Software as a Service (SaaS), analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and IoT-based Smart Devices can now solve problems that were thought to be almost impossible until a decade ago.

Need for The Commercial Complexes To Go Digital

With the rapid advancement of technologies and digital transformation, every aspect of life or business is getting digital and smart and thus, commercial complexes are also required to go digital. The businesses may undergo digital transformation because:

Assist Management and Staff To Be More Effective

Employee engagement is of great significance to businesses in India, especially when there is a scattered workforce. Employees are keen to make necessary changes to boost their productivity. The commercial complexes going digital play a crucial role in assisting the employees to be efficient both inside and outside the office. 

Going digital opens doors to various opportunities for all the fundamental functions of the business, from Operations to Finance and Security. It also makes a significant shift from manual processes to an almost completely automated and organized process-based culture.

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It enables the commercial complexes to focus on the important tasks which need human intelligence, frees their time to do better and more rather than sticking with the daily mechanised work routine.

Promotes Better and Faster Decisions

By focusing on data and analytics in the digital transformation strategy will allow the commercial complexes to reap the benefits of real-time, accurate data insights without too much staff dependencies. When you combine this data and get an integrated view of all the key aspects of management, then it presents an opportunity that you didn’t even think existed previously. 

These new-age technologies powered by AI, Advanced Image Processing, and connected devices are now the future and sooner or later all kinds of businesses are going to leverage it one way or the other.

Restructure Customer Experiences

In the modern world, everyone demands to get everything instantly. People want to achieve a simpler lifestyle. Digital transformation will provide them with prompt solutions to their problems. Almost 50 percent of the companies believe that customer satisfaction is the fundamental need for commercial complexes to go digital. 

Going digital will enable businesses to create, authenticate, and digitize customer journeys. For instance, Digital Complaint Management allows Customers to raise complaints through the App, get real-time updates, get visual confirmation about the progress and work done. It also allows them to rate and provide feedback in the App about the service quality on all the Complaints.

Move Towards a Transparent Process Dependent Management

With Smart Digitization, you automatically eliminate manual manipulations, theft and gain everyone’s confidence with the transparency brought about with the digital transformation. Essentially you are less staff dependent, less prone to manual error, and more process dependent backed by the robust technology platform.

Security Now Means Both Physical as well as Data

As you go digital, one of the key problems that organizations face is to keep the data secure at the edge of their complexes. It requires strict enforcement around access, compliance of data, and protection from attacks.  

We take data security and privacy very seriously. We are compliant with all the latest requirements around that. 

Along with the robust data security framework, we also help with the physical security aspects with our digital access control systems, emergency sirens, etc. as well.

Is Your Commercial Complex Ready for Digital Transformation?

If the commercial complexes want to make their way in an extra competitive market and grow in the long run, it is required for them to transform and modify to the changing expectations of the consumer and various other technological changes in the market.

Digital transformation empowers the commercial complex with accurate technology and advanced solutions designed to make processes simpler, highly efficient and data-driven. It entirely depends on the management to enhance productivity and adapt technological advancement to have a positive impact on the commercial complexes. While going digital, the top management has to figure out the vision of the business. However, its implementation lies in the hands of the executive project managers. 

Working on any project seems to be quite challenging and going digital is not so different. This process brings huge changes to the organization. If it is implemented successfully, it modifies the working of the commercial complexes and handles the challenges of going digital. 

Preparing for digital transformation is crucial. According to the research, commercial complexes adopting digital transformation effectively gain a significant share in the market and reduces the chances of negative ROI. 

How to Prepare for Digital Transformation?

To prepare for digital transformation, you need to walk your team through these four fundamental areas:


There are several emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things that contribute to the opportunities of going digital. Adapting these technological changes and integrating them with the existing systems is relatively arduous for commercial complexes. 

An appropriate team with technological depth and breadth and the ability to work together can help make things smoother. Thus, going digital includes rebuilding trust with institutional IT. It implies that the commercial complexes should provide and exhibit the values of the business with each technological innovation.


Going digital requires a thorough mindset for innovation to meet the needs of the customers, offers a seamless link between work activities, and manages the depositories. It is relatively challenging for commercial complexes to integrate process management with conventional thinking. 

Thus, the commercial complexes should work to improve the existing processes and draft new ones. They also need to implement strategic sense to enhance the processes.


As far as data is concerned, digital transformation involves understanding the latest types of data arrangement, forcing proprietary data, and assembling everything. 

With technology, the commercial complexes need to incorporate the data at the front line of the organizations. The commercial data, like data specific to the building types, must be communicated well within the team to help front-line workers enhance their work processes. 

Organizational Change

Change management in commercial complexes includes leadership, teamwork, emotional intelligence, courage, and other elements. With a distinct, thoughtful, and disciplined approach, the commercial buildings can make a way to address these organizational changes. A significant change at the individual level will urge the leaders to seek teammates with excellent skills.

Assembling Technology, Data, Process, And Organizational Change

Technology, data, process, and organizational change – all functions towards the digital transformation of the commercial complexes when applied together. 

It cannot be done single-handedly as an individual does not possess all the skills to make such changes. For this, all the team members should work towards achieving the common goal. Thus, the integration of data, technology, process, and organizational change helps the commercial complexes to move towards transformation. However, they must be applied in a proper sequence. The commercial buildings must also use Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve their end goals. 

It is advisable to visualize the end goals and then formulate the plan while keeping the goal into consideration. Digital transformation must address the greatest needs of the commercial buildings. These priorities will help to determine the changes needed to move towards going digital. Therefore, with the expertise in the above-mentioned four areas, the commercial complexes can execute the digital transformation.  

Key Takeaway

Moving to the digital era with software-based tools is much more than technological change. It requires a distinct mindset. Taking the correct steps will enable businesses to thrive in the long run. 

Outdated infrastructural features like manual configuration and management processes, security issues, and archived domains restrict the complexes ability to further enhance the goals of the business. Therefore, the commercial complex that is truly ready to go digital must align with the changing needs of the organizations. 


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